Baby Sensory – Raindrops – High Contrast Patterns and Animations for Infant Visual Stimulation
Welcome to Hey Bear Productions – a stimulating world of high contrast scenes designed to engage and delight your baby!

These videos are a great way to encourage eye co-ordination and focus in babies in the formative months of their lives.

It is a well known fact that that while babies are very young, and their sight is developing, their vision is much more attuned to black and white, and high contrast images.

Babies love bright and sharp images. You can see their eyes light up and their interest is visibly raised when presented with these strong images. Add to that the extra dimensions of movement and sound, and your baby will be suitably impressed!

Some of the images in this video are from Hey Bear Productions’ app,
Baby View.

Please note, however, that not all of the images you see in this video are in Baby View – also, Baby View contains no music, but lots of great sounds!!